About Clothing for Classical Azure Portraits by:

The key points are:
  • Pull a group together with a similar color.
  • Wear darker solids, not stripes, prints, etc...
  • Maintain equal formality throughout.
  • Babies can be in white to not get 'lost'
Pull the group together with a similar color so no one is a 'standout':
One person is a 'Stand Out'
Group is not brought together
Avoid having skin tones show down low by wearing longer skirts, slacks, or darker hose.
Babies can be in white so we don't 'lose them'.
Simplicity is the essence of elegance. Here. the clothes, the hair, and the makeup present the subject powerfully.
Burgundy, blue, brown - they all allow the faces to be the primary visual element.
Formal clothes work exceptionally well.
Somewhat less-than-formal clothes work great if they are darker or even black.